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Adult Training
Arq's Adult Training Club

Looking to get stronger, reach the next grade, or simply need help working on your project? Join a community of other climbers working towards their goals - lead by three experienced (fun) coaches.​


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Meet our coaches...


Gordon is a top climber and experienced trainer.  He’s worked with many athletes/climbers, showcasing his knowledge in climbing as well specific training.

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Functional Strength

Skylar has an extensive training regime, backed up by a specific education that supports an active, better life. 

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Active movement

Anna grew up dancing and likes to draw parallels with dancing and climbing.  Her experience in climbing will give specific insight to making you move with more efficiency. 

Designed with your goals in mind, our coaches will give you specific plans that you can work on throughout each week.  These plans will be emailed to you every week, with follow ups from each coach.  Further to that, coaches will be available for in-person support every Thursday from 5-7pm as well Saturday's from 10am-12pm.  You can drop in at any point during these time slots to receive coaching/support. Once COVID protocols allow for it, we'll begin group sessions.  


Must dedicate yourself to at least 2x per week.  Each coach will give you set goals and specific requirements so that you can reach your goals. 


The cost of this program is $220 (Couples rate = $350).  What does this include? Initial assessment followed by specifically designed programs for YOU and YOUR goals, as well as supported coaching 2x per week with email follow ups once per week (for 10 weeks).  Each person will be given a log to document progress, etc. 


How it works: 

• Initial assesment 

• Training logs given out and explained (that can be supported by coaches)

• "Drop in" support every thursday (5-7pm) and saturday (10am-12pm)

• Weekly email driven by all three coaches, outlining plans and focused work

• Commitment to at least 2x per week

What does Adult training include...

Stronger Fingers

Gordon is a top climber and experienced trainer. He’s worked with many athletes/climbers, showcasing his knowledge in climbing as well specific training. With all levels, every day, whether one on one or in group dynamics, Gordon continues to outline and guide climbers to “their” next level.

Delving into finger training, it’s typically the missing link to your next level. Strong, healthy fingers allow for growth in performance, as well giving leeway to certain movements that WERE holding you back. More specifically, when focusing on strengthening your fingers, it takes patience and persistence. Finger training can often be boring. BUT, when doing so, keeping in mind that certain finger exercises are in fact bettering your ability to climb, keeping your eyes on the prize allows for the mental fortitude needed.

This 10-week finger training program will be broken into sections, so that the appropriate time is spent on the varying aspects of stronger fingers/tendons. You’ll learn about how to utilize the hangboards (proper technique, the different hanging positions, and the difference between the grips on the actual boards), the pinch blocks and how to utilize strengthening the range of motion (of your fingers – open grip to closed grip) with control, the campus board – training finger power (and arm power), and lastly the moon board – a favourite throughout the world (this is the climbing wall in the fitness area with the pretty lights  ).

Often, we find ourselves plateauing. It can be frustrating. We can lose interest. But there’s good news – with this program, it will certainly catapult you out of any plateau and into the next level. Stronger fingers open up options. They give you a new confidence that offers opportunity. This is the time to go for it.

Functional Strength

Skylar's role in your growth with climbing will be geared towards providing functional fitness. Strength is such an important aspect of climbing when on the wall, as we activate so many different muscles, that may not come to life in our every-day life. She'll be here to give resistance/mobility training regimines, as well giving feedback on how to optimize them - building strength and endurance whilst climbing.

Active Movement

Anna grew up dancing and likes to draw parallels with dancing and climbing. Dance requires a lot of precision of movement and so does climbing. Dance does not happen in a straight line, nor does climbing. The more we move our whole bodies - and not just our arms and legs - the better climbers we will be. Anna will help you focus on your movements on the wall and making those movements smoother and more efficient. We will use drills and other exercises focused on footwork, technique, reading climbs, hip movement, etc. to dance our way up the wall and reach new heights.