Adult Instruction & Courses

Elevate your climbing.

Welcome to Arq

As a new climber, this program is perfect for introducing the basic skills you'll need. We'll show you how to use auto-belay stations, proper etiquette through the facility, and usage of the fitness space. All these skills will give you the confidence you need to navigate ARQ. 

This program is designed for couples, families, or groups of friends who want to start climbing.

2 hours


complimentary for members

Learning the Ropes

This course gives an in-depth look at top rope climbing. We cover everything from the knot to communication, so that you will have the skills needed to get you and your partner off the ground at the completion of this course.

This course is great for couples, friends, or parents - who want to climb using the ropes and have access to all the routes!

1.5-2 hours

complimentary for members

Leading the Charge

Take your skills to the next level, and tie into the sharp end. Arq’s lead climbing course will take you through the skills needed to lead climb safely in a controlled (indoor) environment. Once completed, Arq’s facility will provide you with endless opportunities.

This course is for those who can climb a 5.10a comfortably - and is best done in pairs or groups.

2 hours

$84.80/guest; $63.60/member

Belay Tests are mandatory for those who are planning on belaying in the facility. Top-Rope and Lead-Belay tests can be completed as long as there are staff available. If you have any questions about whether the tests are right for you, give us a call.