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group rates

If you're looking for that perfect location to interact in big groups, look no further.  Arq has the perfect venue to create awesome social dynamics amongst peers, co-workers, and the best of friends. You can utilize our group rates to navigate our facility, or create a personal environment by renting out part or all of Arq to yourselves (see facility rentals).


Ages 1-6 - $15.60 per participant

Ages 7-13 - $18 per participant

Ages 14-18 - $18.80 per participant

Ages 18+ - $22.20 per participant

**You will also be charged an additional $25 per hour for each ARQ Staff member facilitating your group**


-Rental harnesses and shoes are included in your booking.

-ARQ Staff will be here to help with harnesses and climbing, you can have up to 2 ARQ Staff with your group.

-You can come, climb and enjoy our facility for as long as you would like to book for, most groups come for 1-3 hours.

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