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  • What's this about a waiver?
    Everyone who enters our facility must complete a facility waiver (including parents, visitors, and anyone else who is not-climbing). Minors must have a waiver completed by their parents or legal guardian. Save some time, and complete the waiver online here. Create the account as a parent, and you can easily add anyone to your household and complete the waiver for everyone at the same time!
  • If I have done the waiver before, must I complete it again?"
    Yes... and no. If you have not been in the facility since June 1, 2020 (our re-opening since Covid-19), we will need you to complete a waiver again. Just head over here, use the same email address as you used on your previous waiver so it's linked to your current account in our database, and you can complete it online. You can complete the waiver for everyone in your household (whether that is you, or you plus your kids!) at the same time. Pretty cool, right? That is also the account that you'll use for any online bookings.
  • What is belaying?
    Belaying is a term taken from sailing meaning to “hold fast”. In the climbing world, it means to manage a rope for a climber using a dynamic friction device. At Arq, we allow the use of tube belay devices as well as assisted braking devices (ABD), but we will only teach using ABD's. We know there’s a lot of belay devices out there, - so, at the very least, we require current manufacturer standard for the use of belay devices. If you’d like to learn how to belay, come chat with any of our staff the next time you're in, and we'll hook you up. Plus, if you have a membership with us, we will teach you how to top-rope belay free of charge.
  • I've never climbed before - do I need experience to climb at Arq?
    While having previous experience may provide more options - it certainly is not necessary! We have autobelays located throughout our gym, as well as bouldering; both of which do not require the use of ropes and/or belaying. We have walls and terrain suitable for both beginners and competitors - and our staff will help you with anything you need during your visit here. We also have super fun kid specific walls so that your little ones (or little at heart) can climb too.
  • How old do I have to be to belay?
    For top-rope and lead belaying, we require a mininum age of 14 years old. Both are subject to completing the specific tests required.
  • What if I already know how to belay?
    That's awesome! We require the completion of an Arq belay test, which can happen anytime during our business hours.
  • I don't have any equipment.
    We have you fully covered! No worries. We have a full rental fleet, providing you everything you need to have a great experience. For info on our rental pricing, check out what to expect on your first visit.
  • Can I drop my child off for a couple hours?
    Parents - you are responsible for your child's safety! Every child under the age of 14 must be supervised. However, if they are registered for a program or a class, you may choose to leave the building as soon as the instructors begin the program. Youth (ages 7-13) must be accompanied by a student or adult. Kids (ages 1-6) must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone 12 months and younger may enter the gym free of charge - but must be accompanied by an adult too!
  • Does my punch pass expire? Can I share punches?
    Our punch passes do not expire! And as a bonus - you can share your punch pass with whomever you like. Just make sure you tell us when you arrive to the gym. Punches can only be shared when the punch pass holder is present.
  • How much does it cost to come to Arq?
    Arq's rates vary depending on what you would like to do, as well as your age. If you visit our Day Rates page, you will see all your options for a day pass. All day pass purchases are valid for the entire day, allowing you to come and go from our building as you please. If you're coming with a child, supervising parents (who are not climbing), as well as those 12 months and younger, are free. If you're feeling a little more dedicated (coming about once a week) - our Memberships are the way to go! You can always call us to answers any questions you may have.
  • How do your passes work?
    All of our day passes, and valid for just that - the entire day. So if you come in the morning, you can come back later in the day! The only exception to this is our weekday bouldering lunch deal. To check out our weekly deals, click here.
  • Can I bring food with me?
    Absolutely! We know that we get hungry while climbing, and so we are sure you must too. You may bring any snacks with you - we just ask that you respect the table space and stay relatively clean. We have a snack and coffee bar located by our front desk to keep you well fed and hydrated. All our coffee beans are provided through HotShots Cafe located here in town.
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