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Welcome to Arq

Inside our facility, we’ve got a few things going on.  As you'll quickly see - we are climbing gym.  We love all things climbing, and hope to share our passion for climbing with you. All of our climbing areas are designed to accommodate varying levels of experience, ability, and age.

Our staff are fully integrated with Arq; the climbing, safety, and fitted with top rated customer service. In fact, as you spend more time here, you will even find us climbing 

alongside you.  No matter your plans/goals/ for participating in Arq, we’re here to provide you with the best experience possible.


Beyond climbing, our kids zone, fitness area, front entrance, studio, all of it has been well planned so that navigating through Arq is a piece of cake.  Whether you're a 1 year old, learning to “move”, 45 years old wanting to move more/differently, or anywhere in between trying to move better, you have options, fun options…and Arq is the best option for you.  Based on striving for a social setting, Arq is the place for community; to inspire movement that goes beyond our walls.

"we’re here to provide you with the best experience possible."

Day Pass


Valid for the whole day, allowing you to come & go as you please!

Punch Pass

With no expiry date, this is the best bet for those who aren't ready to commit to a membership.


For you, your kids, and/or your family. There's perks, savings, and most importantly: unlimited climbing and yoga. This is the best deal.


We have a few deals that happen Monday through Fridays.

Check 'em out

Rental Gear

We want you to have the best experience possible, so…we’ve put together some of the best gear out there, for you to use, in Arq. With brands like Petzl, Black Diamond, So iLL, Flashed, Friction Labs - and even some local vendors who are exceptional are creating chalk bags - we have what you'll need to have the most fun time.

Harness - $6.00

Shoes - $7.00

Chalk - $3.00

Belay Device - $3.75

(includes all of the above)

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