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“…but I can’t even touch my toes!”


Many people are intimidated by yoga out of fear that they are not flexible. If this is you – fear not – the yoga itself is what will help you feel more flexible and comfortable in your body. The instructors give a wide range of movements and stretches, and you can opt in or out depending on your comfort level. Plus our studio is designed to suit the needs of those who want to move - no matter the flexibility 

Our studio has been designed to suit the needs of those who want to move.  Our awesome instructors, along with our unique space & class style, will give you the opportunity to find your full range of motion.

These classes are specifically designed for all levels of climbers. 

Yoga classes are included in every day pass & membership;
$12 for drop-in yoga only.

Meet Our Yoga Instructors:

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Tuesdays, 7pm

Sara first started practicing yoga 18 years ago.  Her journey with yoga has been a constant touchstone in her life ~ something that offers peace, strength, and focus.  In the fall of 2019, Sara took the 200 hour YTT through EK Yoga Academy and became a yoga teacher.  Her biggest strength as a teacher is her ability to meet others where they are and truly hold space for them.  Sara loves connecting with people and sharing her practice with them. You will leave her classes feeling challenged, soothed, and reinvigorated - ready to take your practice off your mat and into your life.  Sara can’t wait to meet you on your mat.  Namaste.



Thursdays, 7pm

"I first discovered yoga as a teenager in my parents basement with a really weird VHS tape from the 70's.  There was something about this whole yoga thing that I fell in love with. 


I started a regular practice just after my oldest child was born, and since she's 18, I guess I've been doing this for 18 years.  This past year I fulfilled a long held dream of getting my yoga teacher certification.  I love how yoga is for everybody, any mood, and during any season of life. 


I hope to bring a lighthearted fun approach to this class.  Giving you space to connect with your body through movement and deepen your mindfulness."