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Facility Rentals

Whether you're the lucky one in charge of your upcoming Christmas party, youth group event, or the one who is thinking that you'll need way more space for your birthday party, we've got you covered!


Chat with us, we'll give you all the details that you'll need to know to make your event a big success. For more information you can always give us a call or shoot us an email!

[60 minutes minimum]

Whether you want to host your own yoga class, debrief your youth group, or simply have a home base so you can eat food, this is it! 



[2 hours minimum]

If you're wanting the whole jungle gym to yourself (or are thinking - I have waaaaaay more than 8 little kids coming to a birthday), this is your best option. Includes staff, rental harnesses, and the studio.

Play, climb, and have the most fun possible.

Little Rocks

kids area.jpg

[30 minutes minimum]

If you're looking to start personal training, expand your training base - or want to work with people and help them achieve their fitness goals, this is a simple way! 



[2 hours minimum]

Climbing, bouldering, studio - it's all included. We'll provide all the gear you and your guests need, the staff to belay and ensure everyone's safety, and anything else you might require. 

Whole Gym

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