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inspiring movement from any age

New classes begin September 15th!

Due to COVID-19, class sizes have been limited and protocols have been put in place to practice social distancing and protect the health and safety of our staff and participants. Registration is first come and spaces are highly limited; register early to secure your spot!


Call us at 250.489.0620 to sign up



Wednesdays, Thursdays

9-11:30am or 


Ages 3-5

This pre-school type movement class is inspired as an alternative to the traditional pre-school options, where we can still cover the basics of what is important to learn at those ages – but inspired by movement, to inspire movement.

Each class will have climbing & play time, as well as studio time where movement is done through storytelling, the alphabet, animals, music, dancing, sing-a-longs, stretching, and breathing (just to name a few).


To reserve your spot, please come visit us in-person, or call us at 250.489.0620.


o    1 day/week: $75/month members; $90/month guests

o    2 days/week: $140/month members; $170/month guests

o    3 days/week: $200/month members; $240/month guests

Wednesday AM & Thursday AM is full - you can be added to the waitlist.



Tuesdays or

   4 - 5 pm

K - Grade 2

Grow your child’s confidence and climbing ability while they play, laugh and become fast friends in this after-school climbing adventure. This course covers the basics of climbing safety, as well as movement fundamentals. This option is great for those who are starting their climbing journey, as well as those who might have taken this class a few times already! With the small staff to climber ratio, we are able to work with all the kids more individually to help them grow and develop.

September 15 – December 10
o    Tuesdays (13 weeks) $220 guests; $160 members
o    Wednesdays (12 weeks) $205 guests; $150 members

High Altitude

Tuesdays or

   5 - 6 pm

Grades 3 - 6

Kids will learn rope and knot skills, movement and problem-solving techniques, and some basic fitness knowledge, all in a fun and super social environment. If this isn’t their first time, don’t worry; more experienced youth will be challenged with advanced climbing techniques training in a fun, engaging style that keeps climbers reaching for their climbing potential.

September 15 – December 10
o    Tuesdays (13 weeks) $220 guests; $160 members
o    Wednesdays (12 weeks) $205 guests; $150 members



   6:30 - 8 pm

Grades 7+

Coached in a light-hearted, non-competitive environment, Summit allows entry level and intermediate climbers to gain confidence and focus while learning to recognize and understand valuable climbing techniques and skills. Every class consists of climbing and strength workouts.

September 15 – December 10
o    Wednesdays (12 weeks) $230 guests; $170 members


Arq Angels


   6:30 - 8 pm

Grades 7+


girls only

Designed just for girls, by our best female coaches. This program is centred around a light-hearted and non-competitive environment, that allows girls to climb and train to the very best of their ability. Whether they are beginning their climbing journey, wanting to learn to lead climb, or focus more on strength and conditioning – this program is a mix of everything that allows them to explore the various avenues of climbing.

September 15 – December 10
o    Thursdays (13 weeks) $250 guests; $180 members




   4.30 - 5.30 pm

Grades 2 - 6

Expedition takes climbing to a whole new level for our after-school programs! Now that all the basics and fundamentals are covered, our goal is to move more towards technique and the finer details to allow for the most efficient movement while on the wall. This program is still geared towards fun and team dynamics – but with a larger focus on developing their climbing ability.


o    Must be able to put on their own harness without assistance
o    Comfortably tie themselves in using a proper figure 8 follow through
o    Climb 5.7 and boulder 1’s 

September 15 – December 10

o    Thursdays (13 weeks) $220 guests; $160 members

Sport Team

Mondays & Wednesdays

   4 - 6 pm

September 2020 - June 2021

New and intermediate climbers work with coaches and peers to develop an advance technique, skill, strategy, and learn what is means to be an Arq athlete. Climber’s participate in fundamental strength and conditioning training and learn about performance strategies. Training programs are tailored to target the specific needs of the individual, as well as the unique strengths to climb well. Athletes are encouraged to compete at some of the Alberta Climbing Association’s sanctioned competitions (depending on COVID-19)


o    Minimum age of 8


Mondays & Thursdays

   4 - 7 pm

September 2020 - June 2021

*optional summer training*

This team is about making breakthroughs in an environment where highly talented and focused athletes push limits together. Athletes train hard and follow individuals’ plans to peak for the competitive season. Athletes are pushed to be the best that they can be in training, competition, and all facets of their climbing. Athletes are expected to compete at Local and Provincial level sanctioned competitions throughout the season.


o   Minimum age 10
   Climb 5.10b routes and boulder 2’s and up

Elite Team

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

    4 - 7 pm


   10 am - noon

September 2020 - August 2021

Our top team for competitive athletes who demonstrate outstanding ability and dedication to our sport. Elite athletes take training seriously, strive for excellence, and put in hours of hard work to improve in all facets of their climbing. Athletes selected to Elite team are role models who build track records of notable performances in competitions and training. Athletes are expected to compete at the National level in multiple disciplines. 

These athletes plan for Nationals.


o   Climb 5.11 routes and boulder 3/4’s and up
o   Ages 12+

o   Approval from coaches will be required before joining


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