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"This activity is a huge huge confidence builder for so many of my students. Most notably it is my students who do not see themselves as sporty who come home with shine and confidence! These students who might be smaller or longer/lanky, who find team court sports awkward just shine and wow everyone when the begin to climb!! Thanks for a great ‘can do’ experience!"
"One of the things that is most rewarding about our Activity Days at ARQ is that: a) it gives students who would not ordinarily be able to afford such an outing a chance to try climbing and b) gives many of these same students a chance to shine at something among their peers. Seeing the smiles on their faces and knowing that they are proud of their accomplishments is really rewarding."


Our school programs are designed for kindergarten to post-secondary 

K-Grade 4

[60 minutes]

Each student will have the opportunity to boulder and climb on the ropes! As a bonus, if they didn't crush all their energy while climbing: the jungle gym will tire them out.

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Grades 5-8

[90 minutes]

Fun, climbing, and self-confidence. Through roped-climbing and bouldering, students will be challenged to exceed their own expectations and to try their best.

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Grades 9-12

[90-120 minutes]

Take a break from the usual learning, and come 'hangout' with us! They'll learn about safety, belaying (depending), and how to set goals and crush them. 

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The goal of CLIMb is to create and facilitate educational and mentorship experiences, with the intent of bridging gaps between education and real life. The programs are designed to develop skills and build relationships that will serve them and the community for years to come.

ARQ has worked with outdoor education classes, physical literacy programs, and other high school courses including an English class!

Whether you're coming only once for a good time, or coming for multiple sessions to teach leadership or physical movement - our staff will help you give your students the best time possible.

**maximum class size is 35 students, with enough teachers/chaperones joining, up to a maximum of 40 individuals.


1:6 ratio for K-4

1:8 ratio for Grades 5-8

1:10 ratio for Grades 9-12


Ages 1-6 - $15.60 per participant

Ages 7-13 - $18 per participant

Ages 14-18 - $18.80 per participant

Ages 18+ - $22.20 per participant

**You will also be charged an additional $25 per hour for each ARQ Staff member facilitating your group**



-Rental Harnesses and shoes are included in your booking.

-ARQ Staff will be here to help with harnesses and climbing, you can have up to 2 ARQ staff with your group.

-You can come, climb and enjoy our facility for as long as you would like to book for, most groups come for 1-3 hours.

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