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As of May 18th, 2021, per B.C health authorities, masks are now required at all times whilst in Arq. Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear a mask, although it is highly encouraged.          


Our gym will be broken into zones, and within each zone we will manage a capacity.  Our staff will be monitoring each zone's capacity so that no one feels overwhelmed.  If you'd like to "change zones", we ask that you "check-out" of your current zone, and check-in to the newly desired zone.  This gives us the ability to closely manage capacity/zone(s). 



We encourage everyone to respect the 2m rule, however if your "group" (of 6 or less) feels comfortable in closer proximity, that's fine, so long as you respect people outside your group. 



Our staff will be constantly on the move disinfecting the gym, keeping it as clean and sanitized as possible.  We will be paying close attention to the usage of the gym, in every aspect, so that we can make sure things are ready for the next user.    


Every guest in Arq will be required to sanitize and wash their hands UPON ENTRY.  Every time you leave a zone, you will be required to wash and/or sanitize your hands.  When you use part of the gym (like a roped climb), when finished, we ask that you sanitize your hands.  There will be sanitization stations in every zone.  If any guest is sick, we ask that you NOT come to the gym.    


Our staff will do their best to communicate the new protocols, so that you have a clear understanding on how to operate at Arq.  We also ask you, the guest, to communicate where you're at, so that we as staff, as well as other guests, know where you're at.     



Anyone that enters Arq beyond the front lobby MUST check in and have a completed and signed waiver.  If you are picking up or dropping off, please remain outside, or at front desk (maintaining physical distancing). 

Booking System

Arq is now operating on a booking system basis.  You can register your desired time slot through our calendar here

Frequently asked questions

What happens if the gym is at capacity?

If the gym, or the zone you want to enter, is at capacity - we will ask you to either wait or begin in a different zone. As soon as areas open up, we can shift people accordingly. If you have someone to pick-up, we ask that they remain outside to help the physical distancing guidelines. We also have a fancy people counter on our website that'll update as people come and go in the building, so you can always take a peek at that too!

Are you offering any child programs?

Yes! Our regular after-school programming, dynostars and day camps are up and running. You can check out our site for dates and times. We've add extra protcols and class sizes to meet the requriements with Covid.

Is my waiver still valid?

Everyone who enters the gym after June 1, 2020, will need to update their waiver. If you have visited us after this date, you will not need to complete a waiver again for about another five years!

Skip the wait, and create your account to sign the waiver for yourself (and your kids) here.

Are you offering any adult or children programs?

Short answer: Yes we are! Long Answer: all of our programming have a reduced capacity. These capacities are based on recommended physical distancing measures, as well as general building and zone specific capacities. For the full run-down or how we plan our programs to keep everyone safe and healthy, please call us at 250.489.0620

Should I wear a mask?

As of the Provincial Health Order that was released on November 19, 2020, it is mandatory that everyone above the age of 11 wears a mask while in a public setting, which includes Arq. We have some disposables as you check-in if you need, but we highly recommend that you bring your own! These masks must be worn at all times while inside our facility. This is protect you, as well as to protect our staff who are there on a daily basis. We also have hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym and in every zone. If you choose to bring your own hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water instead, you may do so!

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