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Elevate your fitness.
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We have goals, we want to feel better, and we want a healthier lifestyle. Well, we’d like to introduce you to Ashley Sudsbear. She’s awesome, and wants to give you every opportunity for the above. Call it a bootcamp, a series of training sessions, a good ol’ butt whoopin; no matter the name, it’s designed to help you (feel better).

“I’ve been training for a long time; it’s always something that’s

played an important part within my life. Personal training gives

me the opportunity to help/teach people a healthy lifestyle, giving

them an outlet to learn to love themselves as well enjoying the

process along the way.”

Ashley started ARQs boot camp in hopes to inspire all fitness levels to push themselves to their limits. The class includes concepts of body building, stability, strongman lifts as well as aspects of cross fit. The 45 minute classes pack in an intense workout with options for beginners to intermediate, working together to help each individual advance.  Feel better, move easier, take hold of your goals.  It’s that simple.


Wednesdays or Thursdays, 7-8PM

January 7-March 24, 2019

Curious about individualized personal training? Contact Ashley directly by sending her a message here

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Looking to elevate your climbing? Ready to get inspired this Spring? We've got a 4 week program just for you!

Our Spring Instruction Series is happening on Tuesdays throughout April! Sign up for all 4 weeks for a discount - or sign up for the week you're most excited about. There's only 6 spots available every week, so make sure to sign up before all the spots are gone. 

Here's a quick overview of all the weeks:

Get Fit(er): To progress in climbing, we need to have a solid base of strength.  This class is for just that, to build your foundation, not only for climbing, but in your daily lives too, so you have more energy. 

April 7

Finger Training: Climbing is reliant on your fingers.  To progress, they need to get stronger.  It’s simple.  But beyond the simplicity of getting stronger fingers, we also need to protect them, by strengthening  them to handle pushing harder. 

April 14

Lead into Spring: Lead climbing opens up so many opportunities.  Whether in the gym, or outside, we can find the excitement of “the sharp end” with confidence.  

April 21

Movement: So easily we can burn all of our energy before reaching the top of the climb.  Be it on a rope, or bouldering, learning how to move efficiently will increase your ability to climb for longer periods of time.  Our goal is to clip the anchor or match on the final hold, and this class will show you all the best techniques so your movement takes you to the top. 

April 28


Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30PM

April 7 - 28

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